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RAM BASE - Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cover (Offset)

RAM BASE - Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cover (Offset)

Rs. 2,100.00

RAM Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cover Base with 1" Ball Offset

  • The RAM-B-346U base fits cleanly over your existing brake/clutch reservoir cover with the 1" ball offset.
  • Made of die cast aluminium with an over molded rubber ball, both form and function are unsurpassed.
  • Installation is simple and all necessary hardware is included.
  • The mount is NOT an additional reservoir cover, but instead a plate shaped similarly to the cover that mounts above the cover using the covers screw holes and longer screws.
  • The kit actually comes with 3 sets of screws of differing lengths. 
  • The centre 2 slots are 2 7/16 inches centre to centre and are just under a 1/2 inch long.


Part Number:- RAM-B-346U

Brand:- Ram Mount