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RAM BASE - Adhesive to Ball (Lil Buddy™)

RAM BASE - Adhesive to Ball (Lil Buddy™)

Rs. 900.00

RAM Lil Buddy™ Adhesive Stick Base Dash Mount with No Diamond Base Adapter

  • The RAP-SB-180NBU consists of the Lil Buddy™ adhesive stick base and RAM ball that attaches to the back of the RAM-HOL-UN7U.
  • Using an adhesive disk, put the Lil' Buddy practically anywhere you want to keep your handheld device easy to see and always within your reach.
  • Designed with a very small foot print, finding a home on your dash or console is easy. This mount rotates 180 degrees.


Part Number:- RAP-SB-180NBU

Brand:- RamMount