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RAM BASE - MIRROR 11mm Hole (2.25" x 0.87")

RAM BASE - MIRROR 11mm Hole (2.25" x 0.87")

Rs. 1,020.00

RAM 2.25" x 0.87" Motorcycle Base with 11 mm Hole and 1" Ball
  • The RAM-B-252U marine grade aluminium base consists of a 1" diameter ball and 2.25" x 0.875" base with 11 mm hole.
  • This part is often used on motorcycles, attaching to the mirror frame, the main brand of bike for the RAM-B-252U is BMW.
  • This part fits well on many handlebar pinch bolts with a washer (base is 5 mm thick).

Part Number:- RAM-B-252U 

Brand:- RAM Mount